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Make different types of connections with Eight Studs, a flexible and customizable LEGO® house.

Make different types of connections with Eight Studs, a flexible and customizable LEGO® house.

The Living Room

One unit reveals an area featuring a comfy couch and a complementary table at its core. Don’t worry about the blue bird near the window. I put him there because this wooden creature brings back sweet memories of a beautiful and relaxing trip to the Danish island Fanø.

The LEGO Room

The second unit features a LEGO room that grants LEGO creations and a table for building and playing. The shelfs in this room also hold a well-organized assortment of LEGO bricks for your Minifigs to tinker with.

Connecting with Friends

Two house units are featured that are identical in their primary appearance. They can be arranged and connected in different ways. Even without rebuilding them. Additionally, this habitat can be easily expanded by adding another copy of the set to the game.

Customize and Expand

Both rooms feature the same fixed shelfs. But the rest is up to you. You could go with the existing furniture, or move in with your own ideas and creations. Share and connect your model with friends and family? It’s up to you to form the connections you like and get inspired with!

Watch the Video from the Contest Submission

[video_play src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7guJVns5kVM” width=”1280″ size=”icon-large” style=”icon-light” icon=”fa fa-play-circle-o”]

“I seriously want someone to build this life-size for me! #WellPlayed!”

Andrew Saada

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Will this design be an official LEGO set?

BrickLink produced this set. It came with brand new LEGO bricks provided by the LEGO Group. The Boxing carries the “60 Years LEGO brick” Logo. BrickLink developed Boxing and Instructions. This is not an official LEGO set. This set was exclusively sold via Bricklink.

Which age is this set for?

There is no official age recommendation for this set. The contest ames for adults. But I’d say it’s a 12+. It always depends on the experience of the individual builder.

Where can i buy this?

The funding and sales period is over right now. You might find this design here.